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Cannonball Express

Manufactured by Scharzkopf, the model name of the Cannonball Express roller coaster is Jumbo V.


The ride was previously located at the Rotunda Amusement Park in Folkestone before being dismantled and moved to Pleasurewood Hills in 1995.  

Minimum Height: 

Unaccompanied 1.25m / Accompanied 1.00m



Wipeout opened at Pleasurewood Hills in 2007 and at a cost of approximately £1.5 million, it was the single most expensive acquisition in the history of the park.


The attraction was relocated from the now closed American Adventure park.

Height restriction:

Minimum height 1.30m


Marble Madness

The Marble Madness roller coaster moved to Pleasurewood Hills from its former home at Flamingoland where it was themed as “The Wild Mouse”.


All of the mouse-related theming was removed from the ride cars and a bright, new colour scheme was added to the entire structure.

Height restriction:

Minimum height 1.25m


The big new addition for 2019 at Pleasurewood Hills was essentially The Rattlesnake roller coaster reborn!


The ride was extensively refurbished, rethemed and renamed as the farmyard themed Egg-Spress. 

Minimum Height:

Unaccompanied 1.25m / Accompanied 0.90m

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