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The Pirate Ship

A true Pleasurewood Hills classic that arrived in 1985 and has remained in the same position ever since. 

You know how this one works... swinging back and forth with stomachs lurching uncomfortably in everyone over the age of 30. You love it!

Height restriction: 

Unaccompanied 1.30m / Accompanied 1.00m

Rootin' Tootin' Target Trail

Grab your family, climb into your mine cart and help old Sam Hobs rid his mine of those pesky critters!

This family friendly, indoor attraction will bring out the competitive side in your entire family. 

Height restriction:

Under 1.10m must be accompanied

The Waveswinger

Pleasurewood Hills has been home to two Waveswinger attractions over the years. The first arrived in 1988 and remained at the park until the end of the 1996 season.


The latest version took over the site which was previously home to Tales of The Coast in 2016.

Height restriction:

Minimum height 1.25m

The Carousel

The Carousel was a new addition to Pleasurewood Hills in 2001 and was originally sited near the front gates of the park before moving to Main Street. 

Featuring a traditional colour scheme and playing music as it goes, the Carousel transports guests back in time to a bygone era. Guests can choose to ride on horses or in spinning carriages.

Height restriction:

Children must be accompanied.



Wavebreaker is the epitome of low-tech family fun. Climb into a dinghy and head down the slide. You'll bounce over the bumps along the way before safely gliding to a stop at the bottom.


You'll need to be reasonably fit and able to tackle the many stairs that take you to the top, but it's worth it! On-ride photography is available on this attraction.

Height restriction:

Unaccompanied: 1.25m / Accompanied: 1.00m

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