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Oct 29

Financial boost for Loopings Group!

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https://www.looping-group.com/en/mubadal-capital-acquire-stake-looping-group-ergon-capital It doesn't seem like it's entirely new owners, but more like extra funding from a new investment company. Who knows if this will be good for the Hills. Seems like there will be more money, but will they want to spend at PWH? Accelerating their investment plans is nice to hear, but it comes across like all they want to do is add accommodation or buy more parks... I'm sorry, but with the exception of Bagatelle, Loopings parks really aren't upto much at all.

Oct 29

No comment from Pleasurewood Hills at this stage, but a press release is expected in due course. The Looping Press Release is definitely the higher authority.


Martyn, you are correct in saying that this is a new investment partnership with the current Looping CEO and General Manager remaining in place, working alongside the new investors. Not new owners, as some reports have suggested