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Jul 6

Pleasurewood Chills 2019


Edited: Jul 6


The Halloween event returns to Pleasurewood Hills this October. The park are teaming up with AtmosFEAR again this year.

Jul 15

This is fantastic news. The 2013 Chills were the best they've ever had so having AtmosFear back on board this season is welcome news. Let’s just hope they market it right to get the guests through the door. We know this will be excellent but will Joe Public think It’s the same as it always is?

Jul 16

I totally agree. They need to go to town on the marketing, then keep their fingers crossed for passable weather.

Aug 26

Further details have been released about Pleasurewood Chills Horror Mazes which will be suitable only for guests over the age of 16.

Full Scream Ahead will place guests on board a train full of exhumed corpses.


Hob's Revenge will give brave guests the chance to explore an abandoned flint mine, which has sat undisturbed since the closure of Hob's Pit. Navigating through a subterranean labyrinth, guests will need to keep their wits about them as Hob is out for revenge!

Aug 26

I have to say that I am looking forward to these. I presume under the castle and the static train again Location wise. The old Laser Quest does make for a good maze as the infrastructure is already there. (well it was in 2013)

Aug 29

I really really hope they get plenty of guests to make this worth wild.. They gotta get this advertised proper and get the word out...

Aug 29

yes under the castle and old train will be the areas, the last time we did this with huge success was the 2013 season, it was heaving and satans circus was world class. The videos have been taken down now by atmosfear - they were there until the 2019 announcement. Yet as bubbles said it needs to be pushed yet it will all come down to weather

Aug 30

Satans Circus was a brilliant maze, i was thoroughly impressed last time so very much looking forward to this.

Satans Circus was quality! The thing in the train last time however was poor.

i didn't go on the train but a lot of people seemed to like it

Sep 5

Was nowhere near as good as Satans Circus but still a decent attraction in my opinion!

Sep 13

£5 each and also £5 each for pass holders for one go in the two horror mazes.

Sep 16

Have they said whether the Terror Train will return?

Sep 17

I think that's the Full Scream Ahead attraction. described as being a train full of corpses

Sep 17

Wasn't this the Miniature railway ride with added scares? My guess is that we won't see it return this year. I think the park will really focus on the family friendly stuff and the scare company will do their two attractions.

Advertising has gone up in the town centre and a article on the journal webiste too. I notice the town advert says two scary mazes for 2019, this is fine yet then further down spooky family fun. These mazes are being billed from what we have seen prior to this as quite intense like what we had befoe , i think the advert shows them as kids mazes leaving to less people at the gtaes. If the advert shows over 16 only for the two mazes this would pull more folk in

Oct 8

The ones dotted around Great Yarmouth certainly say "16+" on them. It's not especially clear, but it's on there.

Oct 10

looks like the Ghost busters will be at the hills this halloween ;)

Oct 21

reviews seem good from facebook that I have seen... does anyone know if you have to pay the £5 each time to do the two horror mazes ? assuming there maybe a £2.50 option too if you only want to do one ?

Oct 21

I believe the price is £5, which gives one entry into each scare maze.

Oct 22

So it seems some reviews are not that good after all....

Oct 22

I haven't read any reviews yet. but i'm sure there are plenty of good ones too. Some people are just never satisfied with anything.

Oct 22

I think for £5 for both mazes it's good value, if you go in expecting Alton Towers levels of scaremaze then you're bound to be disappointed, but both Mazes were very good today, I really enjoyed the train and think Hobs Revenge is excellent!

Oct 22

But how do they compare to the faultless satans circus from way back....the maze tickets are they from reception and main ticket booths only or any shop?

Oct 24

I can honestly say that the scare mazes are very good and at £5 for both is excellent value. Hob’s Revenge is a great maze although not as good as Satan’s Circus was back in 2013. The surprise for me was Full Scream Ahead which was the better of the two (the maze in the train in 2013 was no where near as good). So on the maze front I must say it’s 3/5 for Hob’s and 4.5/5 for FSA.

the park as a whole was great. Everything running and busy which was great to see.




Oct 24

Really glad to hear this, Josh.

Oct 24



Oct 24



Oct 24

Castle is looking great now. Fingers crossed it becomes a permanent fixture again soon.