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Jul 9

The new Pleasurewood Place forum


Edited: Jul 9

Welcome to the new look Pleasurewood Place forum!


Sign up as a member today and you will receive exclusive access to our "Retired Rides Gallery". Plus, everyone who signs up before 31st July 2019 will be entered into a draw to win a £10 Amazon eGift voucher.


Thanks for visiting!

Jul 9

I'm heeeereee👍

Jul 9Edited: Jul 9

Hi everybody... oh this all feels weird, everything is smaller.

Jul 9

Welcome, welcome! Great to have you here. If you have any teething problems with the new Forum, please let me know!

Jul 9

A faint colour to each message might be good like every other reply, as theres a lot of white

Where are all the old chats ?

Jul 9

Unfortunately, it is not possible to transfer the previous conversations over to the new Forum.


The old "Activeboard" message board is no longer updated with features, security updates etc. It also cost too much to maintain on an ongoing basis.


The contents of the old Message Board will remain online, in a "Read only" format, but new topics can no longer be created.

Jul 10

All looks good!

Jul 10

Great to have you here, Josh!

Jul 10

All very modern and funky.


I just want to say thanks to Matt for putting all this effort into keeping not just the website running, but the forum too!


The new website looks fantastic!


It's a shame that all the old stuff from the forum cant be transferred, but at least we can still go and read it again. It was a very dated forum style though, so the change was inevitable I guess.


Like others have mentioned, having a different background colour for every other post would be a good way to differentiate between posts, but other than it's all good.


Just thanks again to Matt for doing this for us all!

Jul 10

You're very kind! The new site is still a work in progress, so I will keep making tweaks over the coming weeks and months.


Once I have ironed out any issues on here, I will promote the newly created "VIP area", which includes the Forum, on Facebook.

Jul 10

PS: the banner ads on the desktop website and the ads that appear at the bottom of the screen on the mobile site are a necessary evil, I'm afraid.


They help generate a few pennies to cover the cost of hosting, domain names etc. If an advert appears that is of interest to you, feel very free to click on it. Every little helps, as they say!

Jul 11Edited: Jul 11

I know forums have had to evolve to compete with Facebook, so they are likely to be different nowadays to what they used to be like. The desktop version is just a bigger version of the mobile, which is odd.


There appears to be a reply function to specific comments, which could make certain threads a little confusing if people cant tell what they're doing.


It also looks likes page numbers have been replaced with "load more comments".


Only request I have, is it possible to add a function where you can see that there has been a new post/reply/comment? As it is, theres no way to tell without either checking all the threads or keeping a count of the amount of comments.

Jul 11

I can understand the logic of the "Reply" function, but I agree it is very different to the other message board.


I think the "Load more comments" option if specific to the mobile version. The desktop version continues to load everything on one single page.


I will submit a support ticket in relation to "New post" alerts, as I am unsure if this option exists.

Jul 11

Agree with pretty much everything Martyn has just said... especially the 'active topics' button like we had before.

Jul 11

I will see what I can do!

Jul 12Edited: Jul 12

I have spoken to the Forum developers and I am reliably informed that "at a glance" new comment alerts and numbered pages on the mobile version will be looked into shortly.


The developers are keen to promote the "social media" styling of the message board and mentioned that it is possible to opt into email alerts for specific categories or topics.


For the time being, I have unpinned this topic. This will allow the most recently commented-on topic to move to the top of the list, for easier identification.


I am fairly confident that the technology behind the forum will continue to improve, as I can see from their blog that a large number of improvements have been made to it in recent months.


With regard to the "Reply" button, this is useful when replying very specifically to a single comment. However, in most instances the "Write a comment" box at the bottom of the page should be used.

Jul 12

I don't really have a mobile so this will take quite getting use it, the traditional forums were always far easier and simpler to navigate but i guess it's what you get use to. I do think user names could be a bit bigger, might make things easier to identity posts.

Jul 15

I just want to echo the sentiments of others by saying thank you to Matt for not simply shutting down the forum down given the issues with the old website and continuing to put the effort in providing information and discussion about such a key attraction that has been central to the local area for such a long time.

Jul 16

Thanks Connor. Great to have you here!

Jul 16

Just so you guys know if you are using iPhone then the forum works much better in Chrome rather than Safari. For some reason Safari would not let you click links and often not let you post.

Jul 16

Sorry to hear that, Josh. Thanks for sharing that tip. I will report this as an issue.

Jul 27

So my thoughts after a few weeks of using this now...



Navigation can be difficult. I've downloaded that app, but I actually find it slightly easier on the website still.


The "load more comments" is my only real gripe. You can only open a thread on from the beginning, so as soon as it has had a lot of comments, you have keep pressing the "load more comments" and wait for it to load, before pressing it again. It can also be annoying when there has been a few comments since you last looked and you end up skipping them. Imagine how big the '2019 season' thread will eventually get?


One other thing, not website related: why change the name of the group? When it first changed, I did think it could put people off having "members only" in the title, but thought nothing of it until yesterday when a friend asked what it was all about and why it was now a members only group, because he isn't a member of anything....


"Pleasurewood Hills: Past, Present and future" sort of self explains as to what it is, so if anyone searches for PWH, they'll find it. Where as "Pleasurewood Place: Members only group" just feels like it could be something different, people could be put off joining because they aren't a member.

Jul 27Edited: Jul 27

I take your point on the Facebook group, I wanted to make a distinction between the public Pleasurewood Place Facebook page and the closed group, which requires a request to join/approval. I am keen to keep everything consistent and under the banner of "Pleasurewood Place" to help drive people to the website. I will look into tweaking the name today.


The "Load more messages" thing on the mobile site is a pain. The desktop version has numbered pages, which is much easier. I will lodge a further support ticket on this today.



For the time being, there are two ways of dealing with the long 2019 thread:


1: continue as one long topic.

2: split the topic into "2019 Season (part 1)" "2019 Season (part 2)"


I am happy with either option.

Jul 27

Thanks for looking into it. I'd say we're best to just keep it as the one topic for now, just to stay organised 🤣


If the desktop version has numbered pages, you'd like to think it's something they could easily add to the mobile version.

Jul 27

I totally agree. Leave it with me.