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Cannonball Express to Reopen Soon

Updated: Mar 1, 2020

Pleasurewood Hills have officially confirmed that the popular Cannonball Express roller coaster is to reopen to the public this season. The park posted a video on their official Facebook page, showing the ride undergoing testing.

The Cannonball Express opened for the first time at Pleasurewood Hills in 1995, replacing the Astroglide slides which previously occupied the space. Manufactured by Schwarzkopf, the ride is officially known as Jumbo V.

On opening, the attraction featured reasonably extensive theming, with the trains appearing to pass through a mine shaft.

The ride was given a small re-theme in 2005 and was renamed Enigma. The mine theming was removed, the track repainted and question marks were added to the train.

In 2017, the original Cannonball Express name returned. Then, in 2019, the ride closed to the public for the entire season. The ride required significant investment in order to continue operation.

Given the unique nature of the ride, parts were difficult and slow to source. Regular updates were posted on social media by the park, with the team hoping to return the coaster to operation before the season came to a close. Ultimately, this was not possible.

The reopening of the Cannonball Express in 2020 will see Pleasurewood Hills return to a full roster of 4 roller coasters, for the first time since the Rattlesnake suddenly closed in 2016.


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