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Pleasurewood Hills 2019: Done!

The 2019 season at Pleasurewood Hills concluded with the traditional fireworks spectacular. The park enlisted the help of Titanium Fireworks, who have previously been responsible for the new years eve display in London.

The season began under the direction of a new General Manager. Ricky Lark made the move from the Merlin group, having previously worked at Sea Life in Great Yarmouth.

The park opened for Easter with much fanfare about the return of a family favourite. The former Rattlesnake roller coaster reopened with a new name and theme, as the Egg-Spress. Through the year, the entire area around the ride was updated to create a farmyard themed zone.

The popular Cannonball Express roller coaster remained closed throughout the season. Initially expected to reopen mid season, after extensive planned refurbishment, the attraction failed to reopen at all this year.

September became "Super September" at Pleasurewood Hills, with special events every weekend. Clarence Cat and Ronnie Raccoon made a welcome return to the park to join their friend Woody Bear for his Birthday. Children's TV favourites, PJ Masks made a special appearance. The park also organised their first ever Mascot Dance Off, inviting cuddly characters from businesses across the region to strut their stuff.

Pleasurewood Chills took place across the October half term. The park teamed up with AtmosFEAR scare entertainment, to create two terrifying scare mazes; Full Scream Ahead utilised the disused train carriage adjacent to the Hyper Drive dodgems. Hobs Revenge saw the return of the scary character from the Hobs Pit ride. The maze was situated beneath the Castle Theatre and took place in almost total darkness.

The park will now remain closed until Easter 2020. We hope to see further investment next season to build on the success of 2019.

Photo credit: Reece Durrant

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