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Pleasurewood Place at the Hills!

Updated: Aug 7, 2020

My family and I visited Pleasurewood Hills yesterday. For me, it was my first visit in a couple of years. For the rest of my extended family, it was the first time in at least a decade.

My little boy is only 2, so a good part of our day was spent within an area of the park I have never really experienced before; The Kids Zone. The highlight for us was the Flying Elephants with their interactive button. They were a big hit and look bright and inviting.

Safari was our next stop. The theme is a nice idea and the station looks great, but the green areas around the ride are overgrown and the animals are in need of TLC.

My son loved the Teacups and the member of staff running them dealt with another crying child exceptionally well. The little one was frightened by the fast spinning, so she spent the rest of the ride walking alongside their teacup, keeping if from turning too much. Really nice to see someone going above and beyond.

Next up was the Carousel. We joined the very short queue just as the ride was stopping and were told by the ride operator that we should expect a 15 minute delay while he cleaned every item on the ride. This appeared to be the procedure after every ride. I'm all for enhanced cleaning in these unusual times, but I couldn't help thinking that this seemed a bit of a long winded process.

The Go Kart area of the park is now totally fenced off and inaccessible.

Up next was the Target Trail. Feedback from everyone in our group was really positive for this.

Food next, and we took the opportunity to get out of the hot sun for a bit, and had a meal inside Smokey Joe's. The food was better than I had expected and despite a long queue, was prepared efficiently. We thought the food prices were quite reasonable for a theme park too.

The Sealion show was the next stop for grandparents and toddlers, during which time the rest of our group took the opportunity to dash off and ride some of the "grown up" rides. (The Sealion show was "excellent" apparently.)

Wipeout next. Despite a fairly large queue, the staff were moving people along quickly with family groups able to sit together. It still packs a punch!

Egg-Spress was next. The others in our group had expected to find the old-style Rattlesnake with its dark lift hill and tunnel in the middle. They were slightly disappointed to find that these features no longer exist.

I felt that the entire farmyard area looked great. The station area of Egg-Spress is a vast improvement on what came before. However, once out of the station, the ride experience is unchanged. I would have liked to have seen a continuation of the theme around the ride.

Our final ride of the day was Marble Madness. Everyone who rode it enjoyed the experience. It is good fun and a welcome addition.

Time didn't allow for a ride on Cannonball Express, unfortunately. Fireball and Jolly Roger were closed all day.

Given the difficulties associated with Covid 19, the staff at the park are doing an exceptionally good job. Staff were happy to chat and appeared interested in our day. This is an improvement from previous visits, when I found staff to be a real mixed bag. Management have done really well in this respect.

Our group all concluded that we had a good day. I will definitely return this year with my little family and I suspect the rest of the group enjoyed the experience enough, for this to become an annual fixture.

I just hope Woody Bear can come out of hibernation again soon!

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