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Pleasurewood Place gets the Chills! đź‘»

Pleasurewood Chills Review: 26th October 2020

In these strange and unsettling times it’s refreshing to be able to step back into some sense of normality and visit a theme park. I was surprised that Pleasurewood Hills continued with their Halloween event this year but I am glad that they did as, like last year, they put on an incredible event!

This year I am reviewing the event from the standpoint of a father with a young family, so unfortunately I was unable to experience either of the scare mazes that were on offer. However, from the reactions of guests I could see that they were on par with last year which I must say were very enjoyable.

The park was adorned with pumpkins aplenty and many spooky Halloween decorations throughout – the effort from the park was evident and they made a good job of it.

A small handful of rides were unavailable but the majority of attractions were open which was great to see as well as the Sea Lion Show and Parrot Show which were entertaining and excellent as always.

The two offerings for the younger children were the Train of Tiny Terrors and the Pumpkin Carving, as well as a meet and greet with Woody Bear (a nice welcome back after Woody not be available earlier in the year).

Firstly we visited the Train of Tiny Terrors and we were welcome by a newly painted train which looked great along with the “Pleasurewood Chills” train station sign and new decorations. The train ride itself winds through the woods and we were greeted by ghouls and ghosts and some spooky projections in the dark tunnel. Nothing was too scary for the kids so it was a ride enjoyed by all.

The Pumpkin Carving was a welcome break from the rain and something a bit different to enjoy for our day. Masks were essential and the tables were a good distance apart so everyone felt safe. Pumpkins were ÂŁ2 each, tools were provided and you were able to leave them there until the end of the day. All in all it made a nice alternative to the rides and attractions and you were able to buy drinks at the bar and relax.

Overall we all had a fantastic day with plenty to do, the rides and attraction were all cleaned between rides so COVID safety was clearly paramount which was great to see. I would highly recommend people to visit and support the park in what is clearly challenging times, but times that the park have embraced and are working brilliantly to overcome!


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