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The Fun REALLY Starts Here!

Updated: Aug 24

The gates of Pleasurewood Hills Theme Park officially opened for the first time back in 1983.

Pulling into the car park as a child, I recall the excitement and anticipation as I waited (impatiently) for the gates to open at 10am.

The entrance area has changed a number of times over the years. In 2020 a brightly coloured revamp was carried out, complete with a new roof. Earlier this season, the finishing touches were added to the new area.

However, back in the late 1980's subtle pastel colours greeted guests upon arrival.

In 1995, the arrival of popular TV character Mr Blobby was promoted heavily in the parks marketing. The new front entrance declared that Pleasurewood Hills was now home to Crinkley Bottom Television.

In 2004, new owners introduced a number of new attractions, including a Helter Skelter, which featured on the new park logo and entrance hoardings. (The big wheel and large coaster also shown on the logo never became a reality, unfortunately!)

Another new look was introduced in 2012, with a shiny new logo introduced throughout the park.

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