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Video feature: Pleasurewood Hills in 1995

Let us take you back in time to 1995 at Pleasurewood Hills!

The biggest name in Saturday night telly at the time was Noel Edmonds and he brought elements of his House Party to the Suffolk coast.

Pleasurewood Hills became the new home of "The Crinkley Bottom Castle" which hosted regular live shows featuring Mr Blobby, Grab-a-Grand and the Gunge Tank!

The park also invested in two new attractions. The first, called Woody's Driving School, was a small dodgems ride which replaced the Tempest inverting ship.

The biggest addition of the year was the parks second rollercoaster called the Cannonball Express. Taking over the crater previously occupied by the Astroglide slides, the unique Schwarzkopf Jumbo V was relocated from Rotunda Park in Folkestone.

So, settle in for 10 minutes of pure video nostalgia courtesy of "Ian the Postie" on YouTube:

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