Sealion Show

Since 1987, the energetic, agile, fun loving Sealions have been wowing audiences inside their very own Aquatheatre. Take your seat in the open air arena and marvel as these incredible creatures show off their skills.


From tricks with balls, jumps and displays of agility in and out of the water this cracking show is sure to make you smile. The front row seats put you close to the action but come prepared as you may get wet!

Parrot Show

The first ever Parrot Show at Pleasurewood Hills was presented back in 1984 and it was such a success that the show remains a popular feature at the park to this day! From cycling tricks to mathematical challenges, you will be amazed at what this colourful birds are capable of.


You can find the Parrot Show theatre close to Wipeout. Children and adults alike will love watching the skills on show and you may even learn something new about these fantastic, feathered creatures.

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