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Water Fun 

The Water Fun Factory arrived at Pleasurewood Hills in 1992 and was originally called Wild Water Falls. Its original colour scheme was a rather uninspiring grey and white.


In 2005, the attraction was repainted to become Mellow Yellow, adding a splash of colour to the attraction. Then in 2009, the ride was repainted to become Timber Falls. More recently, the attraction was again given a big retheme in 2020 to become the ride we know today, complete with an enclosed drop.


Minimum height: Unaccompanied 1.25m / Accompanied 0.9m

The Jolly Roger

Jolly Roger arrived at Pleasurewood Hills back in 2012. Up to 12 riders at a time are slowly lifted to a height of 40m before making a speedy descent at 60 feet per second back down to the ground.


Jolly Roger was manufactured by Fabbri and the model name of the attraction is Mega Drop.

Height restriction: 

Minimum height 1.40m

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