Currently out of action

Timber Falls arrived at Pleasurewood Hills in 1992 and was originally called Wild Water Falls. Its original colour scheme was a rather uninspiring grey and white.


In 2005, the attraction was repainted to become Mellow Yellow, adding a splash of colour to the attraction. Then in 2009, the ride was dismantled, repainted and rebuilt as Timber Falls.

This ride is currently being refurbished and will reopen as "Water Fun Factory" soon. 


Wavebreaker is a simple but fun ride. Two people can climb into a dinghy and head down the slide flying over the bumps along the way before safely gliding to a stop at the bottom.


In recent years, the risk of spinning around at the base of the slide has been avoided by the addition of guide rails. On-ride photography is used on this attraction.

Height restriction:

Unaccompanied: 1.25m / Accompanied: 1.00m

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