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Jul 24

Tide Traveller Replacement


So what do we think then? New flat for 2020 alongside the petting zoo? Would certainly be a good year if that does happen.


Interesting, I was having a good look at a park model HUSS Enterprise the other day. It seems as though an Enterprise would fit in the hole left by TTT with little to no modifications needed. The concrete pad is the same size, as is the hole for the arm to fit in...

Jul 24

still waiting for a sky Hooks replacement.. lol you'll get a nice ride on that plot.

Jul 25

They decided against a enterprise return a few years ago yet it's a crowd pleaser still for many. Ideally a new ride to replace fireball, a xxl would be ideal, dream on. A new pirate ship as they remain popular. I suspect if anything it will be a mild family thrill ride

Jul 25

Didn't PWH's old enterprise return so the team at PWH could repaint it for Hellendoorn? Seems a bit insulting given the current situation. I think they should just buy a brand new afterburner but one with permanent foundations like eagles claw. If Huss do package deals maybe they could get a new pirate ship, preferably something that runs like buccaneer (oh wait...) and an enterprise for the TTT plot. One of those small plot zamperla air races might work on the old sky hooks plot depnding on the measurements (I think there was one on a UK pier somewhere).

Jul 26

all sounds good yet zero chance of this and yes it was a enterprise refurb, was also possibly our original one

Jul 26

The old Sky Hooks plot is tiny and it's currently occupied by concessions, so it doesn't really stand out at all.


I think we could be here all day listing what flats would be great for the park.

Aug 16

G Force at Drayton Manor is up for sale!

Aug 16

Bleeeeeeeugh, no thanks, the only 'thrill' roller coaster I can think of that is worse would be a volare. Surely they can afford one of those 320+ model eurofighters? Small footprint, plenty of space for it, probably very appealing to guests and they dont hurt hurt your ears, shoulders and, err... down below like saw can.

Aug 25

If true, an interesting comment from a member of the Pleasurewood Place Facebook Group:


"I did see 2 men with a plan in there hand surveying the land at the back of the parrot show which must mean a possible new ride"



Aug 26

That could mean anything really. Could be the gardeners for all we know 🤣 I do wish they would just stick up a sign by TTT stating that it's an area under development or something. Whilst it is just a concrete pad, too many guests are picking up on it and winging.