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Feature: 25 years ago at Pleasurewood Hills

Can you believe that it is 25 years since Mr Blobby first arrived at Pleasurewood Hills? This was the season when the former Castle Theatre became the Crinkley Bottom TV Studios. The park presented live stage shows throughout the day with plenty of audience participation and Noel Edmonds on screen. One poor guest would even be subjected to a gunging inside the Gunge Tank!

The Crinkley Bottom TV show also included the "Grab a Grand" game, taken straight from the popular TV show Noel's House Party. A lucky visitor would enter the booth and try to grab as many Groats as possible. (Groats being the currency of Crinkley Bottom, of course).

The exterior of the Castle Theatre received a major overhaul, and to further promote the presence of Mr Blobby at the park, TV's Noel Edmonds would make occasional visits too.

1995 also saw a number of other changes at the park. The Dodgems were added to the site adjacent to the Rattlesnake roller coaster, a site which was previously occupied by The Tempest.

Pleasurewood Hills also became home to a second roller coaster, in the form of the Cannonball Express.

Take a look at this marketing leaflet which shows exactly what was in store for visitors to Pleasurewood Hills back in 1995:

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