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Pleasurewood Hills in 1994

Updated: Mar 18

Today we turn the clock back 30 years to 1994 at Pleasurewood Hills. Take a look at this park map, which gives a taste of what guests to the park experienced in the season before Noel Edmonds and Mr Blobby arrived.

This was the year when the "Eye in the Sky" viewing tower arrived at the park offering panoramic views across the park and beyond (even as far as the nearby nudist beach, if the rumours are to be believed!).

The Superhuman Circus rolled into town for one last time in 1994. The big top stood on the plot now occupied by the Wipeout roller coaster and was the temporary home to a troupe of talented jugglers, acrobats and clowns.

1994 was also the final season for the Calypso Waltzer ride, which was located just behind Main Street from 1985.

If that has transported you back to the 90s, be sure to check out the park leaflets from the decade:

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