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HoBs PiT. Were you brave enough?

Costing over half a million pounds, Hobs Pit opened to the public back in 2013.

The unique and ambitious project was brought to life by the team at Pleasurewood Hills in collaboration with industry experts from the USA.

Rob Ostir, a world renowned special effects expert, offered his assistance, having previously worked on Hollywood blockbusters including Mars Attacks! and The Chronicles of Riddick.

Veteran Disney voice over artist Corey Burton was also on-hand to help bring the attraction to life.

Hobs Pit also became only the second ever ride to receive a 12a certificate from the British Board of Film Classification, helping to cement it's reputation as a genuinely terrifying experience.

Comprising a mix of walk-though sections and a mine cart ride, brave guests were taken deep into the abandoned mine, where the scares were further enhanced by the use of live actors. Sound effects, video clips, optical illusions and shockingly realistic looking corpses were also utilised to full effect.

The ride operated for four seasons, before the decision was taken to offer guests a more "family friendly" experience in the form of Rootin' Tootin' Target Trail, an interactive shooting ride which utilised the same ride technology as Hobs Pit and Fairytale Fantasy before it.

So, were you brave enough to venture inside Hobs Pit? Be sure to share your photos and memories with us!

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