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Main Street through the years

The team at Pleasurewood Hills are busy sprucing up the park in readiness for reopening on 2nd April.

One location which has received a bit of "Woody Magic" is the Main Street area of the park. With a bright colourful repaint, the area is almost ready to welcome guests.

This area of the park has had a number of different looks over the years. Back in the 1980's, subtle pastel colours were the chosen style:

The area remained largely unchanged into the 90's. This photograph from 1998 shows the short-lived Voyager ride at the end of Main Street.

In 2005, new park owners introduced a seafaring theme to Pleasurewood Hills. Sailor Woody walked the park in a new outfit and Main Street received a big revamp.

In 2013, Main Street became altogether more dark and eerie as it became home to Pleasurewood Hills terrifying horror attraction Hobs Pit.

With just a matter of weeks until Pleasurewood Hills reopens for 2022, we can't wait to take another stroll down Main Street!

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